Leave-In Oily Protein Daily Care

The Leave-In Oily Protein Daily Care works to restructure the hair and It reduces the rate of hair loss, promoting the hair growth, it straightens the hair with a rate of 100 % It makes the hair soft, shiny, moisturized and anti dandruff, natural proteins for eliminat the problem of dry hair completely.

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It contains

Wheat protein – Keratin – Silk protein – Arginine – Argan oil – Palm oil – Flax seed oil – Macadamia seed oil – Cotton Seed Oil – Sunflower seed oil – Brazilian walnut oil – Sweet almond oil – European grape seed oil – Jojoba oil – Soybean oil – Avocado oil – Mustard oil – Wheat oil – Nut oil – Gardenia flower extract – Amazonian tree extract – Tropical tree seed extract.


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