Cleopatra Secret


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When Nature, Science, and Technology mixed with the secrets of the Pharaoh’s beauty, the perfect harmony of the ideal hair has been revealed. Cleopatra Secret Natural Mix from Star Cosmetics is a powerful hair treatment, Specially designed with the Oligamix technology to straighten and nourish your hair.


Developed with natural and high-quality ingredients like Watercress extract, Aloe Vera, Honey, Henna, Yogurt and Olive oil. Gently promotes long-lasting anti-frizz and ultra moisturizes the hair, realigning and restructuring hair strands, bringing luster, smoothness, and resistance. Cleopatra has the essence of Arabian Natural mixtures with the secret of the Pharaohs and rich ingredients from the Brazilian Amazon forests in only one product for the first time. Suitable for weak, frizzy, bulky and chemically damaged hair. Specially designed to make your hair gorgeous, with an intensive treatment that will hydrate, rejuvenate and protect the hair against environmental elements, leaving your hair feeling smooth and looking healthy. Professional use only.


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