Formaldehyde increases the risk of cancer.

Dr Rasha Shelbaya

11 November 2019

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Formaldehyde increases the risk of cancer.

Formaldehyde increases the risk of cancer.

The Brazilian Hair Straightening is a procedure used by beauty professionals, and it is trendy in several countries. The hair straightener used in these procedures is responsible for changes the fiber’s hair, turning curly hair in straight hair. Between the ingredients of some of these products could have formaldehyde, known as formol.

Formaldehyde is a colorless substance and in high temperatures, become into a gas with a strong smell, and it is dangerous when exposed to humans. Formol is carcinogenic e the exposure to this substance can cause allergic reactions, skin burns, blindness, and problems in the respiratory system as asthma.

FDA has published an article about the concern with the health of professionals of beauty salons, since that in the procedure of hair straightener, the professional could be exposed to formol vapors because heating the strand with flat irons are needed.

In Brazil, formol had been forbidden in hair products as smoothing function; however, formol is allowed as a preservative (maximum limit of 0,2%). Several brands of progressives had to do a recall of products, due to formol’s content in formulas; this happens in French, Canada, Ireland, and Australia.

Formaldehyde in hair straightening, unfortunately still a common in a market, especially from Brands that do not respect laws, these irresponsible factories selling dangerous products that could cause a problem and affecting the health of both stylists and their clients.

Avoid problems, only work with a renowned brand that produces and sell products totally formaldehyde-free!

Star Cosmetics International has a complete line of Straightening without formaldehyde developed with unique and differentiated technology with natural and high-quality ingredients like as watercress extract, aloe vera, honey, henna, yogurt, essential oils, Brazilian nuts oil, olive oil, Proteins of Keratin, Wheat, Silk proteins and amino acids biocompatible with the hair fiber. Gently promotes long-lasting anti-frizz, works for filling the gaps created by chemical products, by weather effects including the moisture, heat, and the impact of sea salinity and chlorine in swimming pools.

Suitable for weak, frizzy, bulky and chemical damaged hair. Recovery and restoration, long-lasting straightening, shine, elasticity, and healthy appearance to the hair.

Star Cosmetics International tailored products to match with all kind of hair and customers’ needs!

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