What are the benefits of amino acids for hair?

Dr Rasha Shelbaya

14 October 2019

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What are the benefits of amino acids for hair?

What are the benefits of amino acids for hair?

Amino acids are organic substances, where eleven of them are produced by our body and nine are obtained from protein of foods such as meat, eggs, rice, corn, etc.

Combination of two or more amino acids form proteins, such as keratin, which strengthens, gives elasticity and resistance to hair, skin and nails.

Amino acids are often found in hair as a product of protein breakdown due to UV exposure or cosmetic treatment. The combination of amino acids promotes various effects on hair, such as moisturizing, straightening and color retention.

Clarifying Shampoo Pre Progressive has a combination of amino acids that are important to the health of your hair, making your hair stronger, promoting hair growth, shine and softness, resulting in clean and healthy hair ready to receive hair treatments.

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